Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week #4 - Run #1

6.3K (5-6K scheduled)

This is what 341 bibs with disposable chip foam strips on the back looks like. :) My volunteer work for the FCRR this weekend half completed. I'm just waiting for the name/race labels on Thursday afternoon to affix before they'll be registration-ready.

Today's run was very good. Angus ran like an old man; he had so much exercise with Ben over the weekend that he was still feeling tired when he went out with me.

The running path from the Children's Museum toward Gibbons Park/UWO was still icey and dicey, but made a little worse with a fresh layer of light snow on it. The wet snow was flying and it was windy so the conditions were not ideal.

But I still got it done. :) And the loveliness of the hot water afterwards made it worthwhile!

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