Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week #1 - Run #5

10K (8-10K scheduled)

Week #1 is officially accomplished. :) It's also my first week of five runs in one week since August 29 - September 4 (the week before my taper week before my half marathon race when I first injured my left calf muscle).

It was another gorgeous day outside for a run. Unfortunately, in spite of the great weather, I was very sloooow to leave the house for this LSD. I was feeling a little sore from yesterday's run, and just feeling unmotivated (note there is no pilates class described today - I forgot). This is when I like having a set training program to follow. I felt compelled to get out there so I could stick to the plan, but if it hadn't been scheduled, I probably would have bailed.

The run itself was okay. In hindsight, I think I should have shortened my run simply because it's tough to change my running form and to make these changes incrementally while running longer distances. I compare it to barefoot running - if we shod runners were to whip off our shoes, we could not run the same distances barefoot that we can in shoes without hurting ourselves. We would need to give our feet time to 'rubberize' and to grow accustomed to being bare before adding mileage. Although my run was 'good', in the sense that I could feel the positive changes, it was also tiring and somewhat frustrating. Because it was tiring me, I started defaulting back to my old way of running; however, this way is no longer feeling as 'right' to me so I switch back to my new way, creating a vicious circle. :( Multiply this by the number of kms I ran, and this is why I was getting frustrated. It helped to stop periodically, walk a little, reposition my core (posture), lean forward, and start again.

Tomorrow is a rest day - woo hoo! - and then back at it on Tuesday.

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