Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week #5 - Run #1

8K (7-8K scheduled)

Can I add "Run Tired" to the list? :)

I had very little sleep last night, It was one of those nights. Usually, I bail on a run if I haven't slept when I'm dragging my feet, but I took advantage of an energetic surge to go for a run.

What I liked about this run was that I took a route, which would shorten my run if I needed to, but extend it to 8K if I felt up to it. I'm happy to report that by the time I reached my 5-6K turnoff, I was really into my run so I kept going.

The only challenge I had with this run was that I was feeling phlegm-ish in my throat. All my throat clearing couldn't get rid of it and I drank a significant amount of water in an attempt to get rid of the sensation. Not a good sign - it looks as if I am coming down with my 4th cold/flu of the winter season. :(

But in the meantime, I feel good about getting this done and the stretches in which it felt really, really good, in spite of feeling tired. :)

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