Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy I Got My Run in Today

Day #3, Week #2 Road Work training
8K @ 59:12
Avg. Pace 7:23 min/km

10 seconds faster than last week's 8K - LOL!

It was quite the crazy weather system that blew through here last - big winds, torrential rain, a drop in temperature. I was quite convinced by the time I woke up that today was going to turn into a no-choice-rest-day. :(

However, late in the day, Wallace and I headed out for our scheduled 8K. It was cooler so I wore running pants and a s/s shirt over a l/s shirt, but I was a tad warm in these by the end. I used a headband, too, instead of my baseball cap for warmth and to cover my ears. I am pretty sure I will be using my headband more frequently here on out ... I have to say that I am a little surprised by my pace and time - I was quite sure that I was running much slower today so I am pleased with it. My shins are less tender than they were earlier in the week, but these is still slight tenderness, similar to a disappearing bruise. I take this as a good sign. My left ankle and tendon have a little bit of tenderness, too, as of today, but nothing painful or of concern ... yet (??).

I am feeling very very good about how I am sticking to the schedule so far, and how, even through time crunches and schedule changes, I have been able to get myself out there. :) In combination with eating much healthier and doing my best to avoid white flour/white sugar items, I am feeling pretty good these days! I am eating an apple a day and I am absolutely loving my protein shakes after my runs - maybe my true motivation for running is so I can make a shake?!?! :) :)

I have started a draft page on my blog with my New Year's Running Resolutions - LOL! For some reason I have been thinking about my plans for next year a lot while running so I started a draft page today to start collecting my thoughts and ideas in preparation for editing and posting them at the end of the new year. I am trying my best to stay "in the zone", as in keeping focused on maintaining my running so I can run the next planned race, rather than calling it a season and waiting until the spring to start thinking about what runs to participate in. One race per month sounds like a good resolution to make ...

Tomorrow is an optional day off, too, or a 5K. Last week, I ran 8K after replacing it with the optional 5K so I felt somewhat obligated to run rather than taking a rest day. I will wait to see how I feel tomorrow, but at this time, I am planning to run. My training schedule will be adding an additional optional rest day by December, and the way I see it, as we head into winter, I am probably going to have a lot of "non-optional" rest days so I would like to get in as much running as scheduled by my training program as possible between now and then. :)

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  1. Take the scheduled day off, you will need it to properly recover. I know from experience what happens when you do not rest properly. It will help with those little pains. I know that you will have some NSDO's in the winter but do not overdo it now.