Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Great Week !! 10K Today and 44K Total

Day #6, Week #1 Training
10K @ 1:15:28
Pace 7:33 min/km

Total km for Week #1 = 44
This is the most mileage I have done in a week (previous record: 42 km in September 2010).

Another great day of running. A great first week of training. :) I did it!

For me, today's weather was *perfect* for running. Sunny, but not too bright so that I was blinded by the sunshine. Warm, but not too warm to make me sweat. Breezy to cool me and make me feel comfortable while running, but not to chill me. I couldn't ask for a better day! :)

Overall, my run was strong and after checking my splits, I am pleased to see how consistent I was for the most part with my pace. I was feeling very tired in the very last 1/2 K, right at the end of my run, but my pace was still good so the wave of tiredness didn't affect my run.

I took Wallace with me today. I just didn't feel like taking two dogs with me today because I just wanted to concentrate on running my 10K after six consecutive days of running. He was fantastic and I think he enjoyed having Mommy all to himself (he is truly a Momma's boy!).

Today is also when I learned that the footbridge near the barracks / King St. area has reopened. This has hampered foot traffic all summer, but as it turns out, the wait was well worth it as the bridge path has been made wider and is much better than before. In fact, all the areas along the Thames Valley path that have been closed due to construction this summer have reopened and I am so impressed by all the improvements - I think they really listened to Londoners as all the changes they made involved good, common sense. I have been avoiding this section of town and I am thrilled to have access again with great changes to boot! I can return to adding a bit of variety to my daily runs.

I am very thrilled to have 6 out of 6 scheduled runs this week completed, to have done so well pace-wise in all of them, and to be able to say that I have had a great start! I know that the next seven weeks of road work will not all be like this, but at least I have a week's worth of posts to refer back to if I ever feel discouraged or bummed out during this training plan.

Tonight we are going out with friends and I am looking forward to having a few pints of beer as a reward for my great week of running! :)

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