Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sluggish 8K - Blah!

Pace Not.A.Clue.

Today's run kinda sucked. :( LOL! Too bad, really, after yesterday's lovely meditative and relaxed run. I was looking forward to a similar kind of run today, but alas, it was not to be. For most of it, I felt very slow and sluggish and so so so tempted multiple times just to walk. :( But I didn't, and I ran the whole 8K so there is a positive silver lining to this grey cloudy run. :) And I am feeling good after running (although this, in part, can also be attributed to the glass of delicious red wine I am drinking while I type this!). :) :)

Kim and Wallace joined me on this run. Angus was with his daddy and I left the other two doggies we are dog-sitting at home (they are both 13 year old gals who are not the running dog types. It will be busy for me at evening walk time tonight!).

There were some wonderful moments. I still have in my mind the memory of the path that I was running on as I headed toward the foot bridge turn around point - it was just so pretty and it was one of the rare times during this run when I felt good while running! :) It's funny how the weather channel was predicting snow last night, but I was actually a little too warm today because the weather turned out to be gorgeous. I could have run in a t-shirt and shorts and been just fine (until I stopped running, that is - brrrrrr! - that after-run chill that sets in can be deadly if I stay outside for too long).

So today is the last day of official "rest" running. I have tomorrow (Sunday) off and on my new training plan, I ideally will have Sundays off from here on out. As of Monday, I will also be increasing my running to 5-6 days week for the next 8 weeks. This really is the craziest time of year for me to try to attempt this, but we'll see. I'm invested in this more for the journey and experience as I am in the destination. :)


  1. Hey I just stated following your blog. Found you site on Dailymile, sent you a friend request.

    I can identify with a sluggish day, had one today. We all get them. They do come less frequently though as you take rest days. They are very important. I learned the hard way.

    Keep up the good work and kicking ass-phalt.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, William R.! I truly appreciate and I shall be seeing you on, too. :)