Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Very Enjoyable 6.5K

Day #2, Week #1 Training
Pace 7:19 min/km

A great run on a gorgeous day. :) Kim and Wallace formed my running group today, and the three of us headed out for the 6.5K. The temperature was right, the sun was shining, and once again, I could get away with just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I'm enjoying this November so far!

Once again, I enjoyed a relaxed run in which I was able to forget that I was running, but lose myself in my thoughts. I have both read about this and heard it from fellow runners how this is an aspect of running they love best - the time alone to get lost in one's thoughts. I get that and it probably explains why I truly don't mind running alone; it's enjoyable to run with someone to chat with while running, but I don't need it for running.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that my local run series, the London Honda Series, held their annual celebration last night. I attended so I could cheer the age group winners as well as keeping my fingers crossed to be the winner of the Las Vegas Marathon trip (flight, accommodation & marathon entry fee expenses all paid). I was last in my age group so I didn't warrant receiving a money prize or a t-shirt, and my name was not called for any of the draws. :( However, it was still great to see that the winner of the Vegas draw was truly someone who deserved it. She is from a family of four who, together, participated in all six runs this year. I was glad to see this family win the big prize, even if it meant I didn't win it, because honestly, the only interest I have in going to Las Vegas is if someone else pays for it; it's not my ideal vacation spot, by any stretch of the imagination, but the opportunity to participate in a big American city marathon would be cool!.

So! In closing, I am feeling great this evening with my after run "high" in addition to just feeling healthy overall. By the way, don't let my After Run Shake posting fool you - I enjoyed a pint of Guinness and a serving of sweet potato fries last night at the Series finale. :) What is that rule? Eat well 80% of the time ...? :) :)

Also, tomorrow is Day #3 of running ... in the past, I have usually taken a rest day after two consecutive runs so it will be interesting, for me, to see how I do this week with a training schedule that calls for running six consecutive days, with an optional day off on the 4th day and the longest run of the week on the 6th day ...

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