Monday, November 15, 2010

Official First Day of Week #2 Training - The Monday 8K

Day #1, Week #2 Road Work training
8K @ 1:00:51
Pace 7:36 min/km

How lucky can I get? It's November and I can still run outside easily! :) :)

First, it was nice to have yesterday off from running. I took advantage of the fact that I could "sleep in" (I stayed in bed until 8:00 a.m., which is late for me). It also gave me an opportunity to get all of my running gear washed and ready for this week. :)

So today's run went well again, and I am very pleased with it. I was 30+ seconds slower than last week's 8K - LOL! Angus and Wallace ran with me today, and they were perfect running partners, as always. I can almost forget that they are there because they are now running in pace with me. Only when we pass the occasional dog being walked or pass by some Canada geese does the tugging on their leashes attached to water belt alert me to the fact that something other than keeping pace with me has caught their attention ...

It is so hard to believe I was fine in a s/s shirt and shorts again today. The breeze was ever so slightly cooler than last week, but not enough to bother me. Rather than spring-like weather similar to Saturday, it was definitely looking and feeling like autumn again. A ton of leaves have fallen, on both my lawn (!!) and elsewhere. Yet another great thing about running - it's taking the time to notice the changes in life around us.

Yesterday I noticed for the first time that my shins were tender to the touch. There is no problem when running or walking, but if I scratch my leg or rub moisturizer on them, I feel a slight tenderness, similar to a bruise. I googled this and read a gamut of answers, from needing new running shoes, increasing mileage too much, increasing speed too much, and running too much on pavement. I also read that this is normal for some people to the other extreme (stop and rest NOW!!!! before you injure yourself and can't run for six months!!!!!!). Whew! Clearly a little discernment is needed when researching on the internet. :)

Anyway, as it stands, I keep a record of the mileage on my shoes by using, and the two Saucony pairs that I rotate between (a purple and a green pair) still have many kilometres to go before they are retired to non-running duty. I did increase my mileage last week significantly (more than the recommended 10%) after taking three easier, "restful" running weeks after my half marathon so it's possible that it is a physical reaction to increased mileage. Common sense tells me that I am fine to continue for now, but if the pain persists or increases, than perhaps I will need to reassess my training schedule so that I do not end up developing painful shin splints.

Nevertheless, still feeling very good about my running so far! :)

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  1. Also look at the insoles in the shoes. Get a good pair designed for you from Running room or the like. Watch how much you increase that mileage and frequency. If it still bothers you get it looked at, I know runners are superhuman or so we think.

    Make sure you stretch them out after your run for a goodly amount of time and try to do some for the shin areas.

    Run strong and injury free,