Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just a Nice 6K

Pace Not.A.Clue.

I ran today without my Garmin, but with Angus and Wallace. It was a nice, easy run. I was scheduled to run 5K, but decided to take my 6K route. I'm glad I did because it was scenic, peaceful and quiet. I felt a few surges of strong, faster running, balanced by a few waves of tiredness. It's what I have come to expect during easy runs after a race.

When I woke up yesterday morning, it was so cold! We experienced just below freezing temperatures for a change, and I could feel it. I was so pleased it was a scheduled day off from running! I may need to adjust my running time by going later in the day after it has warmed up so that I am guaranteed not to slip on frost-covered roads.

I have learned how to create an additional page on my blog and I am using it for posting my next training program, rather than posting it week to week on the home page. I have the month of November posted. It will be an adjustment for me to add an extra day of running per week ... or possibly two, if I opt to run on the Thursdays instead of taking the day off. Of course, there may be forced, multiple days off per week if the snow starts flying soon!

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