Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Last Run in Shorts & a S/S Shirt for the Year, I Think!

Day #3, Week #4 Road Work training
8K @ 57:03
Avg. Pave 7:08 min /km
+ 4 striders
10 degrees C

Today's picture is of the Wharncliffe St. bridge. Yesterday, I crossed it at the beginning of my run to access this running path under it to head downtown. Today, I came from the other direction and crossed it the opposite way at the end of my run (except imagine it being wet with rain because it was raining today when I ended my run!)

I really did not feel like running today. It rained and rained all morning, and I was feeling a little tired. However, there was a significant period of time when the rain stopped, and I knew I would feel very guilty if I did run before the snow flurries start tonight ...

Angus and Kim were happy to head towards Springbank Park with me today. The sun was missing, but the temperature was just great. And as it turns out, my run was great, too! :) It took me a little while to warm up and get into the groove, but by the 3K mark, I was ready to try my first strider. Not fun. I did not like it. :( By the end of it, I was thinking, do I really want to run faster? Is this really worth it to me?

But these thoughts were really half joking, and as I started into my second strider, I was better prepared for it, and to my surprise, during my recovery, a runner's high kicked in, which was a nice little bonus! :) :) Striders #3 and #4 were a success, too, and I admit, I finally had the "aha" as to why striders are so good for increasing one's speed.

The dogs loved it, too. Angus in particular enjoyed the faster speed and just wanted to keep on going at that pace. We had a cyclist pass us with his loose Doberman Pinscer while I was running my 4th strider, and this motivated my dogs to run much faster, resulting in my significantly fastest split! :)

And as luck would have it, the rain held off until my last 1/2 km, and it was a warm gentle rain. It continued unabated until we arrived home ... all three of us wet, but happy. :) :)

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