Thursday, November 11, 2010

Woo Hoo! 8K is done for the week ...

Day #4, Week #1 Training
Pace 7:25 min/km

I am very very pleased! :) :)

First, this is the fourth day in a row that I have run. I am quite confident that I have not run four days consecutively previously this year because I adhere to the three-days-rest-per-week training schedule I learned from my Runner's Choice 10K running club last year. I was wondering how this run would go for me ...

My run started sluggishly and my legs felt a little stiff, but as always, I really try not to judge my runs by the first 2K, and sure enough, once I hit that mark, I was actually in pretty good shape. I felt a wave of sluggishness at the 4.5K mark and again at the 6K mark; however, when I looked at my splits later on after downloading my Garmin recording, my speed was consistent throughout so it looks like it was more of a sluggish feeling rather than an actual sluggishness in running pace.

Second, I am very satisfied with my pace in an 8K on my fourth day of running - I half expected to run a very slooooow easy run today; therefore, I am pleased with maintaining my average pace.

Finally, I really noticed, when I looked down at my bare legs in shorts today, how more defined my calves and shins have become. I love all the muscle indentations and the shaped definition from running ... I wouldn't mind seeing some of that transferred to my hip and butt area, but I will take what I can get - oy! :) :) I have always admired runners' legs so if mine are starting to head in that general direction, I will be a happy camper. :)

Angus and Wallace ran with me again today and they were clearly happy to be out. They ran well and slept deeply after we arrived home. Wallace has excellent muscle definition all along his hind-side and back legs; clearly this mixed breed rescue dog has running genes in him (he never tires). Angus, our American-breed yellow labrador retriever, was bred for speed in short distances, so he starts off well and can push my pace, but he can start lagging after about 8. Kim looks like he is trotting when he is beside me - I have seen him run across a field to try to catch a squirrel and he is phenomenally fast. When it comes to marathon training time, both Wallace and Kim will do well on the weekend long runs.

My fifth day tomorrow - 6.5K. :)

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