Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great 10K Run - 2nd one of the week! :)

Day #3, Week #3 Road Work training
10K @1:14:26
Avg. Pace 7:26

Wet snow is in the forecast for tomorrow so I am more than happy to get this 10K done before taking a rest day! :)

The temperature has dropped and it definitely feels chillier. There was no sun out today. I am glad I decided to put a running windbreaker on before heading out because it kept me warmer while I ran. I was able to take my headband and gloves off after 2K, but I kept my jacket on for the duration. Kim and Angus ran with me today and as usual, loved it. This time I took the same route as yesterday, but went all the way out to Ross Park north of Richmond St. (Mount St. Joe's area), and ran all the way around it before returning through the university to Gibbons Park and cutting over the footbridge to Western Rd. & Oxford.

My pace has slowed since my earlier improvements, but that's okay; I am just happy to be getting out regularly and to be following my training schedule to a T. :) I'm getting there! I am not going to run 5K tomorrow; I am opting for the rest day instead, and will be back running again on Friday (8K) and Saturday (11.5K).

I have also edited my 10K-in-60-minutes training program tab/page above by adding the entire 17-week program as it is ... what I hope to continue following as closely as possible for the winter months. I have also added a tab/page for the half marathon program I wrote about yesterday that I intend to start following in March in preparation for my next half marathon scheduled in May.

On another side note, I just noticed on the Runner's Choice website that they have dropped one of the Runpiker races and added a different one. The Embro Highland Games 10K (July) has been dropped and in its place, the Around the Square 10K & 5K in Goderich (May) has been added. In their newsletter this week, Runner's Choice noted that they listened to runners' suggestions and made a few changes. Embro was my least favourite run of the series so I am assuming there were a number of critical comments made about it ... running around a non-scenic country block was not a lot of fun. :( Goderich, however, is quite pretty and I am sure it will be an improvement. :)

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