Friday, November 12, 2010

Yahoo! Great 6.5K

Day #5, Week #1 Training
Pace 7:16 min/km

Two thumbs up for my run today. :) :)

Kim and Wallace headed out the door with me, and once again, I was under a time constraint so I wasn't sure if I could run a 6.5K in time. The sun was once again glorious and the temperature was the warmest it has been all week - amazing! I think it was 18 degrees C at one point, which made it feel like spring rather than November. The weather has definitely been on my side, assisting me with getting a great first week of training in ...

I checked my splits and was shocked to see my first K was done in under 7 minutes - that never happens unless I am in an organized run/race so wow! So much for feeling sluggish in the first few K like I did yesterday. I am so surprised to see how "well" I did considering that this is my fifth day of running consecutively ... aren't I supposed to be feeling tired and less energetic by now? Maybe it will hit me more tomorrow when I run 10K after all this? My next week is a repeat of this past week except with an additional 1.5K added to the "long run" on Saturday.

I have changed my music significantly. For most of the summer, I have been listening to a lot of fast beat techno music - remixes of Usher, Lady Gaga, Sarah McLachlan, Rihanna, etc. However, since I am supposed to be running "easy" for the next 8 weeks, I decided I would listen to "easier" listening music. My Hear Music albums I picked up from Starbucks Coffee have been ideal. Yesterday I listened to Have You Heard? Fall 2008, which begins with See How I Run by Jessie Baylin - how fitting and such a nice easy beat to run to. :) Today it was Hear Music Playlist, Vol. 2. with great beats from music such as Season Song by KaiserCartel. Awesome music! I wish Starbucks would have continued selling these compilations because I loved them. I have seen blogs with music gadgets and I will see if I can find one this weekend for mine so I can periodically share favourite running tunes.

Now I have to figure out what 10K route to run tomorrow ...

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