Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The 6.5K that became a 7K

Day #2, Week #2 Road Work training
7K @ 51:40
Pace 7:21 min/km

As I type, it is a dark, cold and rainy evening. I was very lucky to run today while the weather was still great!

Angus and I went out together for my daily run, and it was a great one. I was lost completely in my thoughts, and recall very little from the run itself! Angus is terrific to run with when he is the solo dog; when I have one of the others with us, he can be a bit of a puller, as if he is in competition with either Kim or Wallace to have his nose ahead of theirs at all times. Today, it was almost like he wasn't with me - perfectly at my pace without tugging at all on the leash, and as I have noticed with all my dogs, they pretty much have all our running paths memorized so they turn at all the right spots, too, without prompting. :) At least I now know that should they ever get lost in this city in any of these areas, they know the running path home!

It was a great, easy run, so much so that I forgot to check my Garmin for mileage and was closer to 7K than 6.5K when I remembered to look at it, and then decided that I just had to keep running! :) I'm feeling good, as I am these days after all my runs, and I just have to say, I am a little floored that I am doing so well and feeling so good when I had expected to feel more tired. Huh!

On a side note, I registered officially for the Santa Shuffle 5K Run on Dec. 4 here in London. I was eyeing the Jingle Bells 5K Run in Burlington on the 11th, "Canada's only all-Santa race." I thought it would be so much fun to be in a run dressed in a mandatory Santa suit that participants receive instead of a run shirt. I still need to add this race to my "wish list" for future races. However, it's just a little too much for us schedule-wise right now, and the effort to drive 2 hours away for a 5K race is just not do-able. Maybe next year?

Also, I have been eyeing the online half marathon training programs on the Running Room site. I am leaning toward joining one in the new year to see what I can learn from their program. For my NF half marathon training, I used the program included with my training materials from the 10K group last year. However, I would like to try a different one to see what it does for me. I might consider joining the actual group based out of the London store, but it looks like it is all evenings and at this time, that doesn't work for me.

I suspect tomorrow's blog posting will be centred on the significantly changing weather! :(

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