Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Out for an 8K with the Boys ...

Day #2, Week #3 Road Work Training
8K @ 59:15
Avg. Pace 7:24 min/km

A good run, good company and good weather ... it looks like this was a good time to start a new training program after all.

Today Angus and Wallace ran with me in the other direction - the renovated trail along the river through downtown and out toward the university is fully open so we headed east then north today for a change of pace. I already felt slower and more sluggish for this run at the beginning and truth be told, I never did feel strong or energetic on this one; however, I have had so many good runs lately, I'm not surprised nor am I bothered by it. It is what it is. :) I still feel very good about getting out and completing what I set out to do. One minute I felt like I overdressed a little too much (when I was directly in the sun) and in the next, I was glad that I was wearing running pants and a l/s shirt (when the cold breeze blew through me). I crossed the river three times today, using a different bridge each time, and that is when it felt like winter is heading our way ... brrrrr! ... but the sun was still brilliant and warm. Happy to be out taking advantage of it!

I have also spent some time looking at my current 10K-in-60-minutes training schedule, my next intended half marathon, and the training program for achieving a 2:15 in a half marathon in John Stanton's book, Running. I am very pleased to note that the training programs mesh nicely together with a slight, but very reasonable overlap. It looks like I may have my running reasonably planned from now until May 2011 :) ... barring weather interruptions!

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