Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wk4/D5 - A Great Training Week :) :)

10K @ 1:12:27
Pace 7:15/km

Week #4 = 35.1 km (2.5 km more than last week)

First and foremost, I am pretty darned pleased with myself for just getting out for my Saturday 10K! :) We had out-of-town plans, which meant balancing pressure to accomplish everything that needed to get done before we left. Given how sore I've been feeling from all my workouts, I wasn't sure if I would be able to move "well" either. Luckily, everything fell into place, enabling me to head out on my run with Kim and Wallace. :) Ben accompanied me to Greenway Park and spent time training Angus while we ran so there was no "3rd dog out guilt" on me today.

Second, I have officially made it as far as I did the last time I was following a training program. Anyone who has been reading this blog since November 2010 will note that I made it to the end of my Week #4 Road Work for the "10K in 60 minutes" program before it ended. This is my post from my first time running striders and this is my post about my 13K long run without needing to walk. Unfortunately, it was when I ran the Santa Shuffle 5K Fun Run at the end of this training week that I knew that the achilles tendon on my left foot was in serious need of rest ... and then Snowmageddon hit us very hard in the London, Ontario area. :( Both events led to my training program coming to a full, abrupt stop. :( Therefore, for me, it feels very, very good to pass this "hump" and now to be looking forward to actually completing Weeks #5 - 17, the training weeks I had to forgo the last time.

Finally, I am very pleased with this completed week of running. I completed every scheduled run, ran under 7 min/km for one of them, and also ran some of my fastest training runs. I am clearly becoming faster, and this is already happening prior to employing the intervals/hills/track work involved in my training program so I feel like I am on a good course for improvement. This is why I feel like I can give this past week an A+. :) :)

So a little more about my 10K before I demonstrate some discipline by getting some housework done :( ... It was very busy on the paths around Springbank Park, a sea of very colourful and neon-coloured running jackets as a significant number of Londoners took advantage of the sunshine-y day by heading outside. There were a significant number of group runners. One group of young women were running short bursts of splints in Greenway Park; I suspect they were from Western as they looked like they were university-age. Several more groups were out and about in Springbank Park - I am sure they were a mix of Saturday run clubs and running clinics. I really enjoyed the people watching, and quite a few runners smiled when they noticed my unique running "group." :) :) There was only one rude runner I encountered ... a young woman running three abreast and barrelling at me on my side of the path without hesitation. Kim, the German Shepherd, was on my left so she was in effect running head on to the two of us. :( I kept an eye on her, willing her to move back into her appropriate lane, but she did not want to stop talking and apparently wanted to stay right beside her friends that badly. Unfortunately for her, I am not shy and I stayed right where I was, but I did pay full attention to Kim in case she spooked him. She swerved around him at the last minute. Not only was she rude, ignoring running path etiquette, but she was an outright idiot running at a German Shepherd like that. My bad for giving her more attention than she deserves in my blog today. Instead, I should be highlighting all the wonderful runners I saw in action today. Forgive me for being a little saucy, but I have to thank some of the learn-to-run runners who were out there walk/running. It's not often that I can pass runners when on my training runs. Usually I only pass other runners when in a race situation so it was a little ego-boosting for me to be able to pass other runners today! :)

And as always, it makes my heart pitter patter faster whenever my Benny is there at the end of my run, smiling and cheering me on to the finish. :) :) It was a great family morning for us at the park, and we were able to head to Stratford afterward for a day/evening of good food, good wine, and good friends while our athletes slept peacefully at home. :) :)

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