Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wk2/D2 - A Quiet 5K in the Park ... Tuneless Tuesdays?

5:04K @ 38:16
7:36 / km

First and foremost, what a gorgeous sunny day! It was not difficult to get outside to run because the miraculous bright sunshine is wonderful to see! The temperature outside may not yet match the "sunny-ness," but nevertheless, it is spirit-lifting to see. :)

I am thrilled with today's time because my run felt very slow and sluggish; I am quite surprised to see that my pace is faster than expected. I strength-trained last night at the gym so I was feeling a little stiffer and slower than usual for the first few km, and I am still ice-ducking in shady areas of the park so this slowed me down.

I also forgot my music! I grabbed my headphones/earbuds without remembering that my Shuffle was still plugged into the computer so I ended up running "quietly" today. It was a little strange, but it got me thinking about my experimentation last season with running without music. This might be a good time to start weaning myself from running with music for every run so, in the spirit of "Meatless Mondays," I am initiating "Tuneless Tuesdays" and seeing if I can't build on it from there. I actually like the idea of running 5K races in under 30 minutes without music so this may be a new goal that I add to the list. :)

Wallace the mixed beagle joined me today for a run, and except for a lunge/growl back at a dog that made the first aggressive move, he was happy and enjoyed his sauntering pace next to me. He loved all the Canada Geese and made for a terrific running partner as always. :)

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