Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wk4/D3 - Too Pooped to Run 8K :(

4K @ 29:00
Pace 7:13/km

So I think those striders took a lot out of me yesterday! :( Or was it the lack of coffee? Or perhaps the pilates?

Today I am a little out of sync. I decided to attend an early morning pilates class, knowing that if I were going to get my scheduled 8K in, I would have to run at the club following this class. As a result of trying to get out the door so early, I bypassed on my morning cup of joe ...

Pilates was very good. It was a class specifically for beginners so I could do most of the moves, but adjust when there were poses/positions I could not do. I am simultaneously pleased with the flexibility I currently have and frustrated with the flexibility I lack because I used to have it! :( I am challenged in a positive way ... I want to keep going to these classes until I can do some of the moves again and can then say, "There! I did it! I can do that again!" (I used to be athletic when I was younger and on the gymnastics team so not being able to do certain things really bugs me. I am only older physically; in my mind, I am still that kid !!)

I jumped on a treadmill after class with the hope that I could run 8K. It was pretty clear to me early on that I could probably only eke out a 5K. As you can see above, 4K was about it! I just didn't have it in me. Was it due to the coffee I skipped? Possibly. However, I literally dragged myself out of bed after a very deep sleep all night, but clearly not getting enough hours. I think this is the main reason; I have been feeling dragged out for most of the day, even after a couple of cups of coffee after the treadmill run. And I think I compounded it by planning to do my run after the pilates class rather than before it ... but perhaps the class would not have gone well if I had? In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter. Suffice it to say, I did half of what I intended, and as far as I am concerned, this is good enough for today! :)

I will always remember this run because it is when I learned that Elizabeth Taylor passed away CNN in the cardio room). I personally think that physically, she was truly the most beautiful woman ever. She was absolutely breathtaking at her prime.

And on a side note, I walked the dogs twice this evening; once with Kim and Angus and then a second time with Wallace solo. Does this make up for it? :) :) Ben had a union meeting this evening so we had to cancel our Wednesday gym workout (I missed Kundalini yoga :( ... ) but I made up for it somewhat by walking twice. I am pooped as I write so it's bed early tonight. :)

Rest day tomorrow - woo hoo! I have an optional 5K scheduled so I am "opting" to rest instead of run! Because I did not complete my Wed. arms workout, I will attend a "Chiseled Arms" clas instead at the club. :)

Until Friday ... 6.5K planned + 4 striders ...


  1. Way to get your run in. Somedays the body just will not cooperate at all

  2. Thank you for saying so, Chris. Sometimes it's a mind game, but other times, like this one, I realize I am honestly not being lazy ... I am truly exhausted!:)