Monday, March 21, 2011

Wk4/D1 - 8K Mondays are Setting a New PR :)

8K @ 57:19
Pace 7:09/km

This is exactly the same time from last week! And guess what I realized today? It's a new PR because it's faster than my best 8K race (prior to starting this blog so there is no post) time from last year!!!!!

Methinks I am finally getting a little faster. :)

There were a few factors working "against" me running a faster time ... first, I ran into the wind for the first 3-4km ... thank goodness for all the trees provided some relief from it non-stop and for it not being a wind chill. Second, I went in the opposite direction than I usually take around the park, which means I ran more up hills than down them (I figured it was time to stop taking the easier route because I will be starting hill training soon :( - LOL!). And finally, I kept my music on Adele's "21" album in order to keep my run "easy" ... mellow music = mellow running! :)

Kim and Angus escorted me on my run today and they were *perfect* pacing partners. I like that they have learned to keep pace with me, and for their sake, I want to run at faster pace because these dogs have it in them to run run run! :)

Other than this, the run was uneventful. The "hairy" icy patch on the hill behind Storybook Gardens has turned into mud so my shoes are just not as white as they were ... there was one runner who passed me three times because he seemed to want to stay in the same section within the park for running, and there were a lot of dog walkers (one man in particular was walking 5 little terriers which was quite cute!). The weather was perfect for running - a warmer 5 degrees Celsius with a warmish breeze and cloud cover.

I wasn't able to make it on time to a Beginner Core class so I strength trained my arms, chest, shoulders and back with a bit of abs and some legs, but kept the focus mainly on my upper body. :)

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