Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wk2/D3 - A Lemon Turned Into Lemonade ...

6.44K (4 miles) @ 43:45
Pace 6:48 / km

Happy blogger! :) :)

Yesterday, I was scheduled to run 6.5K. It was a rainy day ... it was not letting up to allow me to go for a run when I had a window of opportunity. Unfortunately, I had a deadline and this had me feeling under pressure all day until submission. Ben is still feeling his workout from the gym the other night (he knows he overdid it) and asked to be excused. I willed myself to go on my own to run, but I honestly did not feel it. I am really trying to stick to my running training schedule, but I just knew that I didn't have it in me so I gave myself permission to take the day off and unfortunately, also missed Kundalini Yoga. :( It was a lemon day ...

Today, I did head to the gym to get my 6.5K done. We had another day of non-stop rain so again, when I had a window of opportunity to run, I opted for the gym so I could stay dry. The Cardio Room at the gym was surprisingly full on the treadmills so I tried the Women's Only cardio room for a change. As expected, the treadmills are older versions of the ones in the Cardio Room, but still good machines. Today I decided to try plugging my buds into the machine so I could watch a TV show while I ran. This helped me to concentrate better and to feel less overwhelmed by the screens (not as many in this space). I kept the machine on "flat" for the entire run and just ramped my speed up gradually. I really enjoyed the consistency of pace on the treadmill today. I am assuming this what treadmill users like so much about the machine ... it is easier to keep a consistent pace without hills, puddles, ice, etc. to impact it. :) I am sure as I use it more over time, I will learn more things to like about it. :)

Anyway, I plugged my 43:45/4 miles into my log at and was *shocked* to see 6:48 as my average pace! I knew it felt good and strong, but at no time did I expect my pace to be less than 7 min / km. It was a wonderful surprise and turned yesterday's disappointment into today sweeeeeet lemonade. :)

So! I have a 10K scheduled for Saturday and since I haven't run a 10K since December, I am regarding it as my long run. I am taking tomorrow off from running to rest. I will still be 5K short of schedule by the end of the week, but I am okay with this. I am just getting back to running regularly, on top of cutting back calories daily and adding gym workouts so understandably, I am feeling more tired. One step at a time ...

I attempted to make it to the gym in time for an Abs Express 1/2 hour class, but the traffic was brutal and prevented me from being on time so I opted to get some strength training done. It felt good and after just a few sessions, I am lifting heavier weight. :)


  1. Great news Evelyn, getting the work done will get you towards the goal. I like that you are making it a habit to not try to make up missed runs. This will lead to smarter running.

    Great that you are also doing weight workouts. Be careful however that you do not build to much muscle as this can negatively impact running. Use lighter weights but really increase the amount of reps.

    I am learning that cross training makes you faster and helps with endurance. I can't wait to get the bike out.

  2. Thank you for emphasizing lighter weights and more reps - I have read this before so this is what I have been doing at the gym for my legs. I have a book on hold at the library on strength training for runners. :) Now that I have joined the gym, I am looking for different cross-training methods, too. Maybe I will get out on my bike more often this summer so we have another sport to talk about, too! :)