Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wk2/D4 - Treadmill 8K

8.2 K @ 1:00:00
7:19 /km

We received another huge dumping of snow yesterday, effectively shutting down schools, buses, etc. Although the outdoors is very pretty with the new layer of fresh white snow, it is a little depressing because it has been such a hard winter, particularly here in London, and we are in need of a nice spring without so much shovelling! Kudos to the people who still run in these conditions ... I am not one of you! :)

I had a 10K scheduled but learned today that the treadmill in the Cardio Room automatically ends the workout and transitions you into a 2 minute cool down after an hour of running. As a result, I ran an 8K instead today. However, I am thinking this is just as well. Last week, I increased my mileage by more than 10%. I don't usually do this, but I wanted to start my "5K in 30 minutes" training program, and I watched it to make sure that I felt good running this mileage without overdoing it. This week, with the adjustments (missed 5K, shortened run today) is now slightly under a 10% increase over last week so this is very conservative and healthy. Two 8K runs in one week pleases me so I will tackle my official first 10K of 2011 next week.

Today I saw the first half hour of Transformers (the movie) and an episode of Degrassi High - LOL! I think I am getting the hang of running while watching TV. At least it was better for passing the time than in previous treadmill sessions. :)

Happy weekend! Until Monday ....

I attended Kundalini yoga again last night and enjoyed it even more than last week. :) I would like to do this faithfully on Friday nights for the next three months before the class schedule changes. Great breathing exercises, stretching and meditation. I'm hooked! :)

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