Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wk4/D2 - 6.5K + 4 Striders

6.51K @ 46:23
Pace 7:08/km

Phew! What a tiring run today ... but first, let me celebrate three separate kilometres ...

1 km - 6:56 (not bad for someone whose first 2K are usually sluggish!)
3 km - 6:47 fresh"er" in that my first strider was at the 2.5K mark so you can tell I gunned it and then kept up a pretty good pace after the strider
4 km - 6:59 squeaked into the 6 minute zone ...

But alas, there was a downside ...

5 km - 7:20
6 km - 7:25
.5 km - 3:40

Clearly, I was pooped after running four striders!

Nevertheless, I am pleased to try something different and I know from my reading and from other runners that striders are the best way to improve one's speed. I will need to play with my Garmin to see if there is a strider measurement feature on it that I can use the next time. This time I figured out that running for ~30 seconds was the equivalent of running 80-100 metres at a pace greater than 6 min/km.

Kim and Wallace ran with me today and they both did great. They are excellent at keeping pace with me so it was a very good run with the two of them. I am sure they appreciated the faster pace! :)

The weather was a little on the cooler side, but a t-shirt under my windbreaker was perfect. Tonight snow is apparently going to fly again so I bet I will be doing my run tomorrow on a treadmill. :( But at least I have access to a treadmill now, right? :)

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