Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WEEK ONE of 5K @ 30 minutes Training - Road Work (Day#1)

5K @ 36:34 = 7:18 min/km

What a glorious day for a run! :)

Day#1 of this training program is always on a Monday, but I usually take a rest day following a race. The Monday inclusive schedule will be back on track next week, and then for the rest of the month ...

Considering the very cold and snowing weather we have had of late, I assumed that I would be heading to the gym with my new membership and using one of the dozens of treadmills to get my 5K completed. However, the sunshine today was just glorious and our quiet street is clear of snow, an indicator that more popular streets and roads are also snow-free, so I took a chance and headed to Springbank Park for a run with one dog - my little Beagle/Basenji-cross mutt, Wallace. :)

I am so so so glad that I did this! Although the stairs from the parking lot to the pathway were icy and treacherous, the path itself was clear, and for the most part, the pavement was dry. There were multiple sections of black ice and melting snow, but only in the shady areas where the sun's rays could not find them. I was very careful running in these sections, slowing to jog or walk over/through them to ensure I remain injury-free. :)

I dressed appropriately for the colder weather, too, wearing for the first time my new orange/black jacket from the Running Room (the swag from the New Year's Eve Fun Run I ended up skipping in December). :( It felt a touch too warm when the sun blazed down on me in certain sections, but all it took was a periodic blast of icy wind to reassure me that the jacket was a wise choice. I am also liking the feel of my new running shoes. I think the error I made the last time was wearing two new pairs at the same time ... they then wore out at the same time, thus making it more challenging for me to judge their retirement date. This time, I am going to work in my current new pair for little while longer before adding a second rotational pair. I have my eye on a local sale right now, waiting for my brand to decrease again in price, before scooping them up.

My after-run high was terrific. :) It is feeling very very very good to be running again! Today was ideal, mood-lifting, and motivating!

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  1. You sound so positive in your attitude, I like it. I know how not running makes me grouchy and know when i need a run. Great to get the air, crisp and somewhat clean in the lungs. Great job and keep up the good work.