Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wk5/D3 - 8K Update

8K @57:12
Pace 7:10/km

1 km - 6:49 /km
2 km - 6:55 /km
5 km - 6:49 /km
6 km - 6:59 /km

But also,
3 km - 7:30/km
8 km - 7:43/km

In all honesty, I probably would have skipped my runs for the last two days if it hadn't been for Wallace and Angus. They still need to be exercised and my running is the best way for them to get a workout so I willed myself outside to maintain my training program. My last km reflects how burned out I was feeling at that point; it was this run last week that I only ran 4K because I felt tired after the striders the day before so this may have something to do with it. I am also feeling emotionally drained and dehydrated from shedding more than a few tears. I'll be okay after I get past my shock and the numbness. When my Frasier died almost two years ago, I cried every time I went to the dog park because this is what we did together. Now, the few times I have seen someone out running with his/her dog, I start to cry. :(

I also tried Kundalini yoga on a Wednesday night. It turned out to be my least enjoyable class to date, but not because of the instructor or the exercises. I found it hard to relax and "zone in" and focus. It was still better than nothing and a welcome distraction.

Tomorrow is an optional day off or a 5K. As usual, I am opting for a day off. I have a "Chiseled" class in the morning, but this will be the extent of my exercise for the day (until it's time to walk the dogs).


  1. great that after all you have been through your running partners are able to keep you going. It must be tough but good to get going and maintain what you have worked so hard for. I am sure Kim is looking down and smiling and saying keep it up that is what I want for you.

    Keep your chin up it will be better shortly.

    I'll be thinking about and praying for you at this time.

    Your friend,


  2. Thank you for your post, Runnerbill. As always, your kind comments are greatly appreciated, particularly at this time. Kim was passionate about running so his absence this week, particularly when I am dressing to go running and during my runs, has been difficult for me this week. His unconditional love is a huge loss.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.