Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wk3/D3 - An Enjoyable 8K :)

8:04K @ 58:11
Pace 7:15 / km

Well, aren't I the consistent pace Queen! :) This is the exact same pace that I ran my 6.5K yesterday - LOL!

HAPPY to get outside today because it was *perfect* running weather ... the sun was out but slightly overcast so it wasn't too bright on the eyes and the breeze was warm on a 12 degrees Celsius day - amazing! Another t-shirt running day ... and I should have worn shorts, too!

Armed on both sides with Wallace and Angus, we ran from home all the way to the walking bridge near the former Guy Lombardo museum before backtracking and running through Greenway Park home via Wharncliffe Road. At 7K, I ran under 7 min/km so this makes me very happy. :)

I felt sluggish at the 3K mark, but then noticed how Wallace and Angus were running the exact same pace with their heads slightly ahead of me ... I got caught up in keeping pace with them and this re-energized my run. Good little doggies for helping me out when I needed it! :)

It was great to see two runners I have grown accustomed to seeing on the paths. One fellow has a distinctive bobbing head as he runs so I can't miss him when he runs by me ... I saw him at the Springbank half marathon last fall and given the number of times he passes me on a Saturday morning run, I know that he can run significant mileage. I liked seeing him again today as "he" is a sign of spring running. :) The other is a female runner who is a phenomenal half marathoner as well. She smiled and waved in recognition which I appreciated because yes, they see me out there as often as I see them! :)

Anyway, feeling better about the training program I am using as a result of getting in today's 8K. Break tomorrow and then ... ta da! My first 10K on Saturday of 2011. :) :)

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