Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wk3/D2 - Missed My Run Yesterday :(

6.58K @ 47:54
Pace 7:17/km

Life is a little too busy this week! :( I have company (it's March Break for most school districts in Ontario) which is GREAT, but it is keeping me busy. My guests are getting their runs in - LOL! - because two of them are training for the Good Life Half Marathon in Toronto this spring, but for me, as much as I planned to get outside to run in the warmer weather, I was expecting additional family for dinner and in order to be a good hostess, I had to make some sacrifices. :(

As a result, my planned 6.5K didn't happen. :(

Today (Wednesday), I had an 8K run planned. However, I was feeling very tired and I ran much later than usual so I knew by the 2K mark that I didn't have it in me for a longer run. :( The pace, as you can see above, is good for me, but the run itself felt sluggish and was a little tough to make it through. I decided that I would get my missed 6.5K from yesterday done and aim for an 8K tomorrow (a scheduled day off).

I ran solo with Kim, my German, and he loved it so there was a clear benefit from this run. :) I encountered some ice, but other than that, the paths were once again great. And sweetness of all sweetnesses, I ran wearing a t-shirt. It's March and I'm wearing a t-shirt for a run. Awesome!! :)

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