Monday, March 7, 2011

WeeK TWO of 5K @ 30 minutes Training - Road Work (Day#1)

8.37 K (5 miles) @ 1:00:00 hr
7:11 / km

Quick update as I have little time to write. I ran 6.5K on Saturday instead of 8K - I arrived at the gym too close to closing so I had to cut my intended run short. :( There was very little to report on this blog; it was a straight forward boring 6.5K on a treadmill! Not much I add to that! The good news is that I got my runs in last week, although two of the runs were tweaked shorter than scheduled. I am concluding that Week#1 Road Work went "well" rather than great. However, my first four weeks of my previous training program were "great" and then Snowmageddon/achilles tendon pain happened so I will be satisfied with "good" if it means getting me through this training program without more snow or an injury! :)

Today I headed to the gym yet again for a run, and this time, "three times the charm." I assume it was because I am more comfortable now at the gym, or maybe it is just starting fresh on a Monday morning, but it was my best run to date on the treadmill. I was actually able to zone out for awhile and get lost in my thoughts at various times, but not for long. I found that the time ticked by very very slowly so I tried concentrating on the lyrics in my song choices to make the time pass. I am pleased that I felt up to doing 8K in spite of this, and so I tagged an extra 1.5K onto my run. I felt very good afterward with both my time and my pace. :)

I am committed to going to the gym with Ben Mon/Wed/Fri so I was back there again this evening to strength train. I have started a 5 week introductory program, working each major muscle once with 3 sets of reps. Once I complete this introductory phase (it's been years since I did this on a regular basis), I will start a 3 month program that works each of the muscles with two different exercises, 3X / week. I let Ben hang out in the manly man section to lift weights while I headed to the women only area where the machines are smaller and better suited for me. :) It was impressive to see how many women were there to work out this evening, and there were so many women with personal trainers! I enjoyed my alone time with my music on and working my way through the machines. Maybe someday I will hire a running-specific personal trainer, but right now, I feel good doing what I am doing on my own.

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