Sunday, May 15, 2011

Race Prediction - Around the Square 10K

I can't post when is down (for two days!). :( And I can't post when my time inbetween runs is fully booked! :(

Sorry for the lack of posts - I am now two runs behind as I write this! - but I will be catching up on them later and back-dating them.

But, rather than getting any further behind, I can jump in now and take it from here. :) I just wanted to share that, as of this morning, the wind is howling, the rain is coming down in heavy spurts, and it is 11 degrees Celsius. And the funny thing is, I think I prefer this type of weather for running over sticky, hot and humid! Ha!

I am not expecting to PR today NOR am I am aiming to PR. I have been very physically active over the last few days so my body is a little on the tired side. I am running this race in Goderich for FUN! I love the Runpikers Series and I am excited that it begins earlier this year so fun it is today!

I will say this ... I would like to see my pace in the 6:40-ish zone, but if I am feeling the after-effect of my week while running, an average pace under 7:00 min. will suffice!

Race post later in the day. :)

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  1. Great attitude for this run. The goal is what needs to be considered. You may surprise yourself.