Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wk9/D2 - Easy 5K + Kundalini Yoga

5K /2 + Kundalini Yoga

So I tried something a little different tonight ... I used running as transportation! :)

I felt good today. There were no sore leg muscles as half expected from yesterday's hill workout. I climbed stairs without issue and honestly didn't feel any twinges or aches. I am thinking that my leg muscles were strong enough to handle yesterday's workout ... woo hoo! We'll have to see next week how they feel after climbing the hill again 4 + 2 times. :)

As a result, I decided to go for the 5K, but to split it up. I would run the 2.5K to the fitness club for my Wednesday night Kundalini Yoga class and then run the 2.5K back ...

RUN #1

1 km - 6:50

Wow! My legs feel cement-like. :( Very heavy and slow to turn over. I didn't expect this so I am surprised. I automatically deduce that maybe there will be a residual effect from yesterday's workout ... Nice to have this downhill for running ... :)

2 km - 7:05

What goes down usually has to go back up ... VERY challenging to run up the hill! Ha! My legs are not sore, just sluggish and not very happy about having to go up hill.

.64 km - 8:33

Not feeling it at the crest of the hill and I have to stop to walk across the road to get the Athletic Club. I am wondering at this point if I will have it in me to run home. :(


Great class as always. Capping off the work we did last week, tonight was the last time we worked on our psyche. The arm exercises have my arms tingling from muscle tension, and apparently I am moving my shoulders too much during Breath of Fire. I started to internally laugh at one point because the various stretches and poses we did made me realize that my muscles were affected by yesterday! :) I can feel it now !! I suddenly feel a little tenderness in areas of my legs that I haven't felt before. Very interesting ... New-to-me poses tonight and some changes to regular moves. I like the warm-up for the first half of class because it is always familiar, but the last half is always different. I enjoy the balance between the two.

RUN #2

Well, I'm thinking that maybe I should just walk so I can retain my relaxed, "zen" feeling, but I am curious as to how I run after a yoga class, just for a change from the norm.

1 km - 6:36

Sweet downhill! I am holding myself back rather than flying, which would be so easy to do.

2 km - 7:15

Back up the hill I enjoyed in Run #1 as a downhill. It is not so bad and I just try to stay steady. I "feel" like I am running it very slow.

.43 km - 6:01

I run faster (a strider?) because I am watching my Garmin for the 5K mark. I am feeling pooped, but I am determined to finish my "5K" before walking the rest of the way home.

I really enjoyed this experiment, and I may do this a little more in the future now that the nicer spring weather is finally peeking around the corner. It was the first time that I ran such a "short" distance as my scheduled runs are usually 6.5K +. I am very very pleased that I actually felt up to running 5K because I truly expected to be sore today and opting for the "rest day" option.

Tempo run tomorrow ... really looking forward to it. :)


  1. Nice work and you can always borrow a page from my book of runs. It gets easier as you do it more and I try not to concentrate on any pace or time just a pure run, however I do like to keep a record of them so I will set a watch or Garmin and then look at it at the end.

    Outstanding workout.

  2. @Chris McPeake - Thanks for the encouragement. Much appreciated!


  3. @Runnerbill - I definitely had an "aha" when I did it. I do see why you like to AMT, and my goal is to become that way more this summer. Thanks for the suggestion of a Garmin for tracking (without looking) as I am trying to do this already with my "regular" runs so doing this for AMT makes good sense. :)