Friday, May 27, 2011

Wk12/D3 - Track Work 3 X 800

Warm-up: 1.62K @10:35
+ 4 striders
Pace 6:32/km

Track Workout: 3 X 800 @4:49
2 minute rest inbetween

#1 - 4:40 Pace 5:50
#2 - 4:45 Pace 5:56
#3 - 4:47 Pace 5:59

Cooldown: 1.18K @6:56/km
Pace 6:56/km

Once again, I had such a fun time at the track! :)

Everything went much smoother this time ... I knew the track, I knew how to use my Garmin properly, and it was perfect early morning cooler weather. Just ideal!

But to back up and explain what I did this week ...
I took Wednesday OFF rather than running 5K. I had a lot on my plate and was too busy so I opted to give myself the rest day after my first track workout. I even missed Kundalini yoga so this demonstrates how busy I was!

However, when I woke up Thursday, I was not myself and this is when I realized how my busy-ness, physical labour, and go go go pace was catching up with me ... I was burned out! I gave myself permission to switch my scheduled track work with the next day's optional 5K or OFF. I am really glad I did as I needed it!

It was during this workout that I realized what I had done 'wrong' with my Garmin the last time ... I was counting my workouts UP and the watch was counting them DOWN so I simply got confused. :) It didn't happen this time.

A great workout, a fast workout, and then a cool down run as far as Starbucks before stopping for a tall black Americano ... the perfect reward! :)

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  1. Always a good run with a coffee at the end. Nice pace on the intervals.