Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wk12/D1 - Race Ready Track Workout #1

I need to figure out a new routine/time for posting on my blog because I'm not doing this as well as I used to! :(

Warm-up: 1.82K @12:21
Pace 6:48/km
4 striders

Workout #1: 1 mile/1.6K @9:39
Actual: 9:27
Pace 5:53/km

Workout #2: 3/4 mile/1.2K @7:12
Actual: 7:22
Pace 6:09/km

Workout #3: 800 m @4:43
Actual: 4:48
Pace 6:00/km

Workout #4: 400 m @2:15
Actual: 2:05
Pace 5:14/km

Not bad for a hot and humid morning when I was feeling a little stiff after my 10K uphill race on Sunday! :)

I headed to the track early this morning to avoid the 33 degrees Celsius weather (predicted to feel like 42 degrees with the humidity) today, It was already 24 degrees by the time I arrived at the track and needless to say, I was soaked with sweat by the time I finished. But I got it done and I am pleased. I love track work! :)

I shared the track with another runner today, too. At first, I was disappointed, but it ended up being a nice camaraderie experience. He did his thing, I did mine, and it was comfortable. :)

I made a decision, and for Miss-Very-Conservative-About-Her-Running, it's quite different from what I usually do. Here's the math ...

Week #12 - This week
Week #13 - Next week - 5K GOAL RACE

My training program is ** 17 ** weeks. Oh oh!

I knew when I started my program that I was cutting it short by two weeks, but it couldn't be helped. I returned to running the earliest that I could after my achilles tendon issue and after Snowmaggedon. The Safe Harbour 5K in Bayfield, ON was my absolute favourite of all the 5K races I ran in last year so I really wanted to make it my goal 5K race.

Between the start of my program and now, I encountered a terrible training week and decided that repeating my one week was a wise choice. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish now that I hadn't, but I can only say this now after experiencing my program's three different phases. I still think my reasoning at the time was best; I can look back and see that it would have been just fine proceeding to the next week, but I was not armed with the same knowledge then as I am now. :)

So now I am three weeks off ... what to do?

I called my sister, who recommended my training book/program highly after using it twice. I asked for her advice, and together we determined that I would not be pushing it unwisely if I jumped forward to the program's Week #16 for my Week #13, keeping Race Week #17 as is for my Week #14. Make sense? Have I lost you yet? :) I am also taking all optional days of rest to ensure that I am not overdoing it.

And after today's awesome workout, I think it will work!

Before I "finish" this post that was started days ago ... I am adding a pic of my THREE pairs of matching running shoes (my camera has been funky lately so sorry for the unfocused shots of late until I figure out what's up). The first/top pair is my 7 1/2 pair that were given to me at Christmas by Ben. I found them for $100 off at the Running Room. :) Unfortunately, when I started to wear these shoes in more, I realized that they might be a little too small. :( So when the same shoes went on sale for $80 off at Runner's Choice, I scooped up a Size 8. Wonderful! Just the increase in half size stopped certain aches and twinges in my left foot and leg. So when the last pair was left sitting there on display a few weeks ago, still on sale, I scooped up another pair with two $10 coupons off so they were $100 off, too. :) Happy feet! I have marked all three pairs in various ways to differentiate them from one another. I have also learned my lesson from last year, when I started the season with two new pairs and wore them evenly throughout the year (I think this is what eventually contributed to my achilles tendon issues ... two 'worn' pairs of running shoes without knowing it. Although I meticulously record the mileage on my shoes, I failed to account for other factors that wear running shoes out quicker). I plan to wear one pair predominantly, using the newest pair as the alternate when needed. Hopefully, this will alert me better later this year as to when my shoes need to be retired.

As for my 7 1/2 pair, as long as I don't use them for running, I can wear them like plain old running shoes out and about. :)

Tomorrow is an optional rest day so I am not running and I have Kundalini Yoga tomorrow night. Next track workout - Thursday.

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