Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wk10/D4 - An Easy 5K on a Humid Morning

I am posting this two days after the fact ...

5K @38:14
Avg. Pace 7:38/km

A crappy run, but it is what it is. I am still glad I took yesterday off and ran as a warm-up today. I went out early but it was still humid and I drank a lot of water during such a short run! I don't want to complain about the nice weather, especially after such a hard, cold winter and all the rain in the last month or so, but I just want a gradual increase to hot temperatures so I can adjust. :) This wicked extremes in temperatures is not easy to adjust to with my running!

Wallace came along solo as Angus was training with Ben. I did a lot of walking, too - I took my 6.5K loop for a 5K run, stopping my watch when I walked up hills because my heart was not into trying them today. I am so pooped!

I went to Kundalini yoga last night. As always, a great class. I was complimented by my instructor on my improved breathing (she has been working on this with me). I am enjoying my progress, too!

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