Monday, May 23, 2011

Wk12/D1 - Easy 4K

Sorry! This post is mainly for record-keeping purposes. No thoughts or stories in this blog post to share. :(

I was scheduled for an easy 8K, but after running my 14K LSD on Sunday, I aimed for an easy 5K instead. I thought this was pretty good because I usually take a day off the day before and after a long run.

It turned into an interrupted 4K. By the 2K mark, I looked at my Garmin and it was all screwy. I had hit one of the buttons while running that changed the screen, and I was concerned that I had done something to it so I stopped to check it out. It took me awhile but I figured it out. I then ran for another 2K before feeling too tired to run any more. I am pretty sure that if I had not stopped after my first 2K, I could have kept going because I know I do not do well when starting to run, stopping, and trying to resume my run.

It doesn't really matter because it was a holiday Monday here (Victoria Day weekend), and I did not want to push it, knowing that I had my first track work scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday). I also have a full day outside in the garden scheduled. :) :)

No yoga this evening at the fitness club because of the holiday.

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  1. I don't have a Garmin, so I don't know, but is there a way to lock the screen so that the settings don't change (like on an ipod)? That would be useful :)