Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wk9/D3 - A Very Sunny Tempo Run! :)

2.1K @10:30, Pace 7:03/km

Temp0 Run:
3.2K @20:04, Pace 6:19/km

1.5K @15:26, Pace 7:01/km

Woo hoo! I am one happy, happy, happy camper! :) What a great run for my first tempo! :)

My goal when heading out today was to maintain a pace of 6:30/km for 20 minutes. I thought this was realistic for me, and that I might find it a little challenging. I never expected to shave my goal by 11 seconds/km. Just awesome!

My program scheduled me for a 1 mile warm-up (1.6 km), but I ran a little further to make sure I was on a flatter running surface for the beginning of my tempo. I decided to measure the W/U, tempo and C/D separately for easier analysis/measurement.

I started off running too fast, but I am assuming that this is common. It took a few minutes to find my pace range. After a little while. I found myself starting to run faster, more between the 6:00 and 6:10 minute range, but I slowed myself down because I didn't believe that I could hold that pace for a full 20 minutes. I felt good and although I could feel that I was running faster than usual, it didn't feel 'out of my range' or too much.

The best part of this run happened at the 11 minute mark. I thought this is when I might tire or a start slowing down. I was very surprised to note that my pace became faster. I would never have guessed this would happen! I had to slow myself down again because I was afraid it wouldn't last, but it turns out I was wrong. It did last and I smiled all the way home from my cool-down because I knew I had just 'hit this ball out of the park' - a home run. :) Very pleasantly surprised and elated, especially because it was so difficult to get out of bed this morning (not enough sleep) so I thought I would be sluggish out on my run.

The bar officially has been raised for me. I aimed for 6:30, ran 6:19 so there's no going back. It looks like I should aim for 6:10-6:15 during my tempo run next Thursday. :)

On a side note, I am not sure if it is a coincidence in the timing or not, but ever since I ran a 6:40/km pace at the FCRR 10K, my pace during my subsequent runs has increased, as if my legs 'know' that greater speed and now are naturally gravitating to it. Does that even make sense?! :) Pretty cool if that's what expected to happen.

I have the option of running an easy 5K tomorrow or a rest day. Because I am running 13K Saturday, I prefer to take Friday off. However, running may be my only method of transportation to yoga again tomorrow night; therefore, I might 'have' to run. :)


  1. Sometimes the legs just gotta go. Your natural pace will pick up and has. Just remember to keep it in check so you do not over do it.

    Run to yoga it will be good, you will find that these relaxed runs will also really help you.

  2. I was going to run to yoga but a thunderstorm with lightning blew in just before I was set to leave. I still went to class, just not using AMT. :)