Monday, May 9, 2011

Wk10/D1 - A Sluggish, But Still Very Nice & Easy 8K on a Sunny Day :)

8K @59:02
Avg. Pace 7:23/km

A rare picture of the three amigos sitting together, watching robins making a nest in a tree outside. They might not have any desire to go running with me, but they always welcome me home. :)

Today there is very little to report on my run. It was gorgeous weather ... again! :) ... so it is was great to use running as an excuse to be out in it. My intention today was to run it easy, just following the pace I set naturally, ignoring the Garmin altogether. The first three km were very sluggish and slow. It was hard to get my heavy-feeling legs to move. I wasn't surprised - I half expected this. In hindsight, I now remember that my time was affected by a walking stop along the path that I was forced to make, too. A city worker in a sidewalk cleaning machine blocked the path for a few minutes so another runner and myself has to clear out of the way and wait until he turned off the machine so we could squeeze past. No worries. :)

After such a great week of workouts last week, and a rest day, I knew it would take longer for me to warm up. I have paid attention to this ever since I started running, and I now think that I am the type of runner whose slowest/most sluggish run is after a rest day. I usually take a day off before a race because this is what a number of training programs suggest, but it might be better for me in the future to go for a short, "warm-up" run instead. I am scheduled for a 13K this weekend, but have exchanged this LSD for a 10K race on Sunday. I am planning to make up for the missing 3K by using it as a warm-up/short run on Saturday, and see if it has any effect (if any) on Sunday's run.

The rest of my run was in the 7:01/7:03 range. I don't care because it was nice to go an easy 8K when the rest of the week will entail hills, a tempo run, and a 10K race. :)


I opted not to run to and from yoga tonight because I have a hill workout scheduled for Tuesday. I am not confident at this point that an additional 3K wouldn't affect how I feel on the hills tomorrow! Ben had to opt out due to a migraine so I went solo to the club. Grace is the instructor on Monday nights. The class attracts different people and has a different vibe from my Kundalini classes (not surprising). This class is typical of yoga classes at a fitness club; no meditative components and using yoga as a workout. It's interesting to feel myself "glowing" by the end of the class because the exertion from holding poses is providing the workout the workout rather than cardio or weight-lifting. :)

Hill X 6 tomorrow! :)

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