Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wk10/D3 - The Sniper Control Run (Tempo for 20 Minutes)

It's odd to be posting a run so late, but I wasn't able to access my blog when is down. :( It must have been quite the problem on their end because I have not been able to access my blog for two days!

I am back-dating this post to keep the dates of my runs accurate for future reference. I now realize that for anyone who follows my blog from their blog list will be receiving the backdated ones instead of the most recent one (my Goderich race) so I will give a link to here. :)

Warm-up: 2.2K @16:14
Avg. Pace 7:17/km

Tempo Run 20 minutes @6:16/km

Cool-down: 2.5K @27:53
Avg. Pace 11:15/km

This turned out to be a very mentally challenging run ... a mixed bag of sorts.

It was hot and humid and I was feeling blah! During my warm-up, I felt very negative. I was late getting out because I had spent the previous few hours feeling nauseous for some reason (this has been going on for days). I was not happy and my reflected this ...

It's too humid to run ...

Today is just not a good day to run ...

I think I should postpone my tempo run until tomorrow ...

I doubt I can run a 6:19/km pace again today ...

I was forced to conduct an intervention with myself !!

What is going on here?

Where are all these snipers in my head coming from this week?

I WILL run my tempo run today!

I WILL try!

I WILL get this done! ... and

It really doesn't matter if your tempo pace sucks!

So I did it. I started my tempo run in my usual spot and gave it the best that I could. I had a greater challenge this week controlling my pace. Within the first km, I was as high as 5:00/km and as low as 6:45/km. I struggled to find the happy medium of (hopefully) 6:19/km or faster. I think my inability to find an even keel contributed to my tiring after the 10 minute mark - last week I gained speed after 10 minutes, but this was not the case today. :( But I did the best that I could under the circumstances - humidity, tummy issues, sniper attacks and a cranky attitude!

I also want to send out good karma to the runner who passed us during our tempo run. He enthusiastically declared, "The three of you are doing just great!" I am sure my "thank you" sounded more weak than intended - LOL! I was breathing more heavily at this point. :)

I think my running challenges this week must be a counter-balance to last week's, "Best Training Week Ever!" I fully admit that I have been over-exerting myself outside in the yard all week and that this may have something to do with it. I am going to exercise my "rest day" option for tomorrow rather than running an easy 5K. I will go to Kundalini yoga, run an easy 5K on Saturday, and then have a fun, relaxed race in Goderich on Sunday.

There! I am already feeling a little more positive. :)

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