Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wk11/D3 - Running a Tempo with Angels

Warm-up: 2K @14:02
Avg. Pace - 7:02/km

Tempo Run @20 minutes
Avg. Pace - 6:01/km

Cool-down: 1.5K @10:21
Avg. Pace - 6:55/km

In complete contrast to the snipers I ran with last week, today I ran with angels in my head. :) :) What a difference one week can make !!

Today I ran first thing in the morning. The warmer temperatures were a good reminder to me that I need to return to a "first thing in the morning before anything else" running schedule as I am encountering humidity later in the day, and the weather forecasters are calling for yet another dry, humid, and hot summer. :( The best thing for me to do right now is to re-accustom myself to running early when it's the coolest in preparation for a miserable summer of half marathon training.

So this is what I did differently for my run. I also left the dogs at home because I didn't want anything slowing me down on my run ... Angus dragged me down a little last week on my humid tempo so I didn't want to take any chances with him today. Sorry, pooches! :( After last week's sniper-fest, I made every effort to ensure that today's run would go as "well" as possible. I went to bed early last night after getting all my running gear ready, and I left for my run thinking nothing, but positive thoughts. :) I wanted my 5K race pace today!

And as hoped, my 20 minutes tempo went exceedingly well. :)

1 km - 5:55
2 km - 6:09
3 km - 6:00
0.32 km - 6:01

I am stoked because, after factoring in race adrenaline, another 1.68 km, and a leeway of 9 minutes, that's my 5K in under 30 right there - LOL! :)

I did my best NOT to look at the Garmin but to see how well I did on my own, using my own sense of speed. I used the "Pace - Average" display again and this does seem to be working for me. Rather than a, "this is my pace right now," I have a, "this is how I am doing in the grand scheme of things" sense. It's probably all semantics and psychologically games, but whatever works best for me, right? :)

And being good to myself in my head was a significant factor. I am not sure what was happening with me last week, but today, I was nothing but lightness, positive thinking, happiness and confidence and it showed. :) It's amazing to me how much of an effect one's head-space can have on a run. Over the weekend, I read various posts from runners on the DailyMile about their half and full marathons (Pittsburg, Toronto, Mississauga). It was incredible to read about one person's high/PR versus someone else's stress during his/her run, and the personal challenges involved. How would I react, if, after all the effort to train and prepare, things just didn't go right that day? Could I overcome it or would it continue to eat at me slowly? I feel exhilarated, too, when I read someone's account of well-deserved success, but I learn more from someone else's "the good, the bad, and the ugly" account. I have to keep this mind for the next time I experience a disappointing race, and feel so reluctant to post anything about it (e.g. Run for Retina).

I also want to add to this post today something that I just realized about my training this year. Last year, when training for my half marathon, I ran four days a week, and I can find weeks during the program when I ran only three days because I opted out. I think there are several factors for this:

1. I am fitter. My body is not as tired from the exertion so I am doing better at adding another day.
2. I have a more specific goal. Last year, I was aiming to 'just finish' in the 2:30-ish zone. For my upcoming 5K, I am specific about running it under 30 minutes; therefore, I am more concerned about missing assigned workouts.
3. I am more of a disciplinarian with myself this year. I am better at getting myself out there to run, even when I am not 'feeling' it.
4. My blog and DailyMile. :) I cannot tell a lie (darn moral upbringing!) so with online friends who are sharing my running experience, I've got to stick to the plan and the goal. :) :) To those of you reading this right now, thank you!! :)

And on that final note, I plan on taking tomorrow off - LOL! I am still very good at taking a rest day after three consecutive days of runs. :) I have a 13K scheduled for Saturday, but I am going to see if I can sneak in another km to make up for lost mileage from last weekend's 10K race substitution for my 13K. However, this is also for an ego boost ... to see if I can run 14K straight without walking. :)

Happy long weekend! ... it's Victoria Day weekend in Canada ... Monday is a holiday! Fireworks! Thank you, British heritage in Canada, celebrating a dead monarch! :)

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  1. I love long weekends!!!! Yay.

    I noticed I'm on your blog list - AWESOME!! Thank you :)

    PS: I am so excited for your sub 30min 5k! That's one of my future goals too :)