Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wk10/D2 - A Challenging Hill Workout X 6 on a Tuneless Tuesday

Warm-up: 1.6K @11:27
Avg. Pace 7:10/km

Hill Workout X 6: 3K @23:04
Avg. Pace 7:39/km

Cool-down: 1.8K @12:42
Avg. Pace 7:09/km

I am still running up the hill in this pic. :)

Today was very interesting (for me). I headed out solo toward my chosen hill and the warm-up run felt very sluggish. When I look at the Garmin time now, I realize it wasn't that bad; it just felt that way. But it was enough to make me start thinking that todays' workout was going to be a bust; I just wasn't it feeling it. And it got me to thinking, where did all these snipers in my head come from?

Once I reached the hill, I took off my water belt (loaded with water in case), snapped it around a street light, and took one mini bottle with me. I remembered that the last time I did this workout, my mouth would be dry by the time I reached the top of the hill, hence why I kept a mini water bottle in hand during the actual workout this time.

The first hill climb went well, but it was tough. After a minute of easy jogging at the bottom, I tackled it again. This is when the snipers in my head reappeared. I started thinking that I wasn't ready for this workout today and that I couldn't do 6 hill climbs consecutively. And as I ran back down the hill, I thought about how I was going to change this around because I needed to.

By the third climb up, I started changing my thinking ... my legs love this! This is great! This is easy! I am becoming so strong by doing this! I think I'm losing lost 10lbs. just by doing this! This workout alone is shaving my speed by 5 seconds! I wish I could do a hill workout everyday!

And then I was at the top of the hill again. Woo hoo! I was half way to goal! :) Now to repeat ...

During the fourth climb up ... one 1,000, two 1,000, three-1,000 .... all the way up to 24 1,000.

During the fifth climb up ... one 1,000 ... all the way to 27 1,000. Must be getting a little slower if I go by this count ...

And finally, during the sixth and final sloooow climb ... one two buckle my shoe, three four shut the door, five six pick up stick, seven eight lay them straight, nine ten a big fat hen ... again! One two buckle my shoe ...

It was with great joy that I jogged down the hill for a final time, collecting my water belt, giving myself a few minutes to walk, and then running home. :)

It was busy while I was on hill. Three cyclists and three runners went up in the time I was doing my workout so I was impressed to see all of these individuals tackle it. The majority of cyclists and runners I saw, however, took it down (that would be me at any other time!). There was a young couple who drove down the hill and parked at my starting point at the base of the hill for some reason (?) so I had an audience while running up and down.

And today was Tuneless Tuesday. Last week, when I headed out the door, I was thrown off by my change in schedule (Monday off after race day Sunday) so it was only when I was running home last week from my first hill workout that I realized what day it was ... :( Today, I did remember, and my workout, warm-up and cool-down went just fine without music. :)

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