Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week #1 - Run #1

7K (7K scheduled)

Woo hoo! We're off and running, both literally and figuratively. :)

I have defaulted to the original half marathon plan from my favourite local and independent running store, Runners' Choice. It is less aggressive with mileage build-up than the training program I was using last summer/fall. Because my goal is simply to be able to run the distance rather than a PR, it's an ideal choice. In June, I will return to a PR-specific training program.

The boys and I headed to Springbank Park for a run around it. A lovely day to be out with them and it felt very good. They are such good running partners (I'm truly very lucky). The snow is all gone. TWO days ago, I was running in snow squall conditions and it was tough workout on a snow-covered country road. Today, I was overdressed with running tights and a light running jacket. Crazy! It really is a funky weather winter here ... but clearly a good winter for all the beginner runners in the LTR programs around the city. They can't use harsh winter conditions as an excuse not to run. :)


Pilates class followed this run. I made it back home in time to change clothes, give myself a quick wash (oy!), and drive there in time. I am doing my best to go to pilates 3X per week (Tues., Thurs. and Sun.) and fortunately, it has become a part of my regular routine, which makes it so much easier to be faithful. I'm very pleased about this because that's half the battle there!

Tonight's class was the toughest to date. I knew the moment I heard my instructor ask, "Is there anyone new to pilates?", followed by "Good! We are all veterans!" that we were in for it. I know why I go to classes because there is no way that I would do this kind of thing on my own at home. :) :) A great after-run stretch session, too - just what I needed for my legs. :)

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