Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Pass on Joining an HM Clinic For Now ...

I have mentioned several times in this blog throughout 2011 that I was interested in joining a running group/half marathon clinic. I wrote in December that I was hoping for the 'okay' to run from my physiotherapist in time for me to join the group I had in mind which was starting in January.

Well, it is now the 22nd and the group I wanted to join started a few weeks ago. As the start date approached, I realized that my enthusiasm had waned. I wasn't too keen on joining while I was still recovering, and felt that perhaps this might push me to do at a time when it wasn't smart to be pushed. I'm not running more than three times a week at the moment, and my mileage has yet to exceed 10K. My calf muscle has no issue while running, but I am feeling tenderness in my muscle on my rest days. I was warned about this - my scarred tissue is being stretched so it's not unexpected. I also notice it more when there is a significant change in the weather/temperature.

So - no group running/HM clinic - yet. Just solo, steady running to strengthen the calf muscle again. When I am ready to do so, I will add more runs to my week and then more mileage to my individual runs. Another half marathon clinic is offered in early June (the goal race is the Springbank HM that I listed as a 2012 goal). We'll see. :)


  1. I would say 3x a week with no pain and up to 6 miles is pretty freakin awesome! You are smart to listen to your body and think ahead.

  2. Definetly a great idea at this point. Your focus is right and will pay off. Your progress is awesome already but pushing it would be counter productive.