Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Running Goals for 2012

1. To run injury-free!

I have made this my number one running goal without fail for the last few years. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I have experienced the true value of this goal twice. Grrrrr! I am being careful as I ease back into regular running, cognizant of how my calf muscle is feeling and letting go of some of the goals that I was considering making prior to this injury. I'm moving ahead with making additional goals for the year ahead, but with the caveat that I may need to adjust/change them depending on how well my calf responds to increased mileage, workouts, etc.

2. To run in all six (6) London Honda Series races.

I participated in 4 races in 2010, 5 races in 2011, and I am aiming to make 2012 the year in which I run in all six. :) I have volunteered to help the organizer this year with the Series by offering to be the individual who attaches all the disposable chip/foam strips to the back of all the race bibs. I am looking forward to contributing to this terrific local Series in this small way. :)

3. To run in the 10K @ the Really Chilly Road Races in February.

An offshoot of goal #2. In 2010, I was not in running shape to participate in this event. In 2011, I was happy to run in the 5K; I had just returned to running a few weeks prior. This year, I would feel very good about running in the 10K - no PR goal - but just being able to run a 10K for the first time so early in the calendar year.

4. To run in all eight (8) Runpiker Series races.

A little busy on weekends in the spring and in the fall, but I truly enjoy the healthy excuse to drive out of the city and run in some very pretty towns around Southwestern Ontario. They usually have a sweet community vibe to them and they are simply just good fun. :) They are well worth adjusting any training program to accommodate. For me, this is what puts the fun into running. When I had to cancel my goal HM, it was a true bummer, but it was easier to deal with because of the fun I experienced throughout the running season at all these races. If that HM had been my one and only race planned for the season, I probably would have had greater difficulty dealing with my disappointment.

5. To run in the half marathon in the Forest City Road Races in April.

This goal can be tracked on my blog. In 2010, I ran in the 5K, my earliest 5K in the calendar year at the time. I was very pleased. :) In 2011, I ran in the 10K, my earliest 10K in the calendar year at the time. I was so proud. :) (see blog header photo - that's the event). No PR goals - it was just about being able to run that respective distance so early in the year. For several years, I have aimed to run in the half marathon in 2012. And yes, I am going to go for it. :) I have my half marathon training program scheduled already.

However, it is all about being able to run it from start to finish. There is no PR goal in mind. Similar to the previous two races, it's just about being physically able to run a race with this mileage so early in the calendar year. If my running progresses from this point forward the way I have it planned, I'll be able to do this. However, if my running level/mileage develops more slowly than anticipated, I will change it to another 10K, and aim for the half marathon next year.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the road races. I have already submitted my name online to be a volunteer for kit distribution (no response back from the organizer as of yet).

6. To run in the Run for Retina 10K again.

I had it in my head last year that I would like to run in the half marathon in this event in 2012 ... to use it as a trial run before the Forest City Road Races since the race is held on the same running paths that I use regularly. However, the dates are different from last year, making it too close for me to the FCRR. The half marathon might be a consideration for 2013.

The swag was terrific last year. I wear my running jacket all the time as a regular jacket and all finishers receive the same large, colourful, and very solid medal.

7. Aim for a half marathon in Niagara Falls in June.

A yoga classmate who runs multiple destination half marathons annually told me that she and several friends were planning to participate in a women-only half marathon together in June. When I asked her if this was the Toronto event, she was a little confused and said that she thought it was in Niagara Falls; she wasn't sure because she just agreed to do it, but hadn't looked into it further. I checked online when I arrived home and there was no such thing (??). I assumed that she was mistaken. However, a week later, I was PM'ed by a DailyMile user who was promoting a new event - a half marathon for women in Niagara Falls in June! How funny is that? The following week, the new website went live. And the swag includes a bottle of wine! Ha ha! :)

There are so many reasons to do this:

1. Running in Niagara Falls along the parkway is very cool. This HM is similar to, but not the same as, the NFIM route, which I know is a good one.
2. It would be fun to participate in a women-only half marathon, especially an inaugural one. I would enjoy being a part of it.
3. If Ben were to come with me, it's the type of event he can handle - LOL! Ben hates crowds and busy traffic. I love Toronto; he does not. :) He doesn't mind Niagara Falls.
4. Did I mention the bottle of wine as swag? :)
5. This is a consolation for the lost NFIM HM last fall. :) :)
6. Considering where I am at with my running, this is more do-able than the FCRR. It gives me an alternative - I can handle the decision not to run in the HM in April (we'll see) if I have a substitute to fall back on.

I purposely wrote "aim" in my goal line because as I type, Ben and I are both experiencing precarious work situations so our financial situation closer to the date will determine whether a trip away to Niagara Falls is do-able at the time. This is not worth doing unless there is available funds. :)

8. To run in the Springbank Road Races Half Marathon again. :)

Another offshoot of Goal #2 (part of the London Honda Series. This was the race I did sooooo well in right up until the 18K mark when my left calf painfully seized up and I ended up limping the rest of the race to the finish line. Rematch! :) And another attempt at using it as a training race for my 2012 goal race ....

9. My goal race of the year is the Niagara Falls International Marathon Half Marathon.

No surprise here. :) My ultimate running goal for the year is to run in this race and to run it well. :)


Mainly repeats from last year ... some new additions. :) This gives my running purpose and hopefully there are not too many outside factors or health/injury issues that will prevent me from attaining these goals. :) :)

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  1. I am going to do the Really Chilly 10k and the FOrest City half. I am going to look into to the Retina run as well. I didn't know about that one!