Monday, December 5, 2011

One Year Ago Today ...

Yesterday, when I realized that it was December 4th, I realized that this date has some significance to me. Here is my post from one year ago - my last race of 2010 when I realized I needed to stop running because I had painful achilles tendonitis. It was also the last day of 'light' snow - within 24 hours of this posting, "Snowmageddon" struck our area with great force. This is one of the reasons I now have a gym membership - so I can keep running all winter when we are snowbound again (it's going to happen - all these warmer temperatures over the Great Lakes means a heavier snowfall for us at some point).

It has been raining here non-stop for the last 24 hours. If it were colder, we would probably have another Snowmageddon on our hands!

A year ago, I had just completed my first 13K run without any walk breaks and Week #4 of my half marathon training. I was at Week #14 this time before ending my training with a torn calf muscle. One of these days, I will complete a half marathon training program from start to finish without injury - LOL!

My calf has felt better since my last physiotherapy session; I think I am ready to try short distance running again and will discuss this with my PT, Brian, at this Friday's PT session. He told me that it would not be "him" telling me when I could start running again, but that it would be "me" - that I would know when I could. I now understand what he meant. The last few days, it finally feels ready. I will keep doing my assigned strengthening/stretching exercises and check in with him to see if I can try running next week.

Fingers crossed !!


  1. Let's hope you can start up SLOWLY again, you have been so patient and done all the right things. time for it to go your way now for a while.

  2. Thank you, Runnerbill! :) I agree wholeheartedly. :) :)